Hello... Thanks for dropping by! we live in East Barnet in Hertfordshire (just north of London).

Chrissie and I have been in Barnet for nearly thirty years and love it! Although originally from Bristol, we've lived in various parts of Greater London for two thirds of our lives now...

This is the closest I've ever got to sport In Bristol, about six month after we met


Aaahh, the magic is still there

I work from home for a large telecommunications company and have celebrated my 45th anniversary of working with STC then Nortel then Ciena. A sizeable chunk of that time was spent at the New Southgate site, which had too much history to let slip into oblivion, so I set up a memorial website - open to all, please take a look.

I also try to keep in touch with LinkedIn (click to view my profile)

In the evenings I tend to spend a lot of time mucking around with my PCs and administer various websites for bands and venues, under the guise of RJWsite.com.
I'm the secretary for the local residents' association.

I've also set up a Facebook group for descendants of my great grandfather Matthias Giles to keep in touch. We have occasional chats, there are many photos and other information, and a comprehensive family tree which I maintain. So if you're a relative of mine, please join up using the Join button in Facebook, or by contacting me